What goes around, comes around

If you follow this blog, you may remember that I wrote of receiving An Unexpected Christmas Gift last December, wherein I described a gift of wormy American chestnut. Since wormy wood is nearly always from dead or moribund trees it is thus often unpredictable in terms of its hardness and integrity. Fortunately, the gifted wood was in good shape and I was able to make a reciprocal gift from it.

I decided on a keepsake box as a memorial to the gentleman whose bookcase provided the lumber.

The box measures 10 x 16 x 6 inches. The corners are simple miters, reinforced with wenge keys. The top is a telescopic fit, modified for hinges and a latch. The brass hardware is chemically blackened to match the natural colors of the wood.

Inside, there is a lift out till, divided into three compartments. The bottoms of the till and the box are coated with black velvet flocking.

In the lid is a compartment for photos and letters.

The entire box is finished with Anarchist’s Daughter Soft Wax™ (linseed oil/beeswax)and buffed with a brown paper bag (You read that right, and it works great! Try it sometime). The finish is ideal for objects that will be touched, as I hope this one will be, often.


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