…to complete the first one, of three, panels.


I’m definitely a “one off” type of woodworker.  I don’t mind making a repeat of a successful piece, but I really dislike assembly line fabrication of matching components.  So when I’m faced with a producing a set of identical drawers, or in this case, frame and panel assemblies, my overwhelming urge is to complete the first one from start to finish.  Of course, that method of work is terribly inefficient, and I won’t do that, but the pull of the dark side is strong with this one (sorry, Star Wars reference).

The nicest part of today, and the next few days, is that the only power tool I used was the electric chainsaw, to cut firewood.  Everything else was accomplished with blissfully quiet hand tools; making shavings, not dust. It’s very gratifying to now and then reconnect with my hand tools, and a different pace of work.  I’m looking forward to working on the second one tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Must-resist-the-urge…

  1. From the realm of odd associations: this post reminded me of an All in the Family episode in which Archie and Michael (Meathead) had an argument about how to put on shoes and socks. Michael put on his left sock followed by his left shoe and repeated the process for his right foot. Archie thought was was totally abnormal.

    But those frame and panel assemblies sure do look cool.


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