Then there were three


Hey Folks,

Who would have guessed, that since opening the shop for business a few months ago, I would quite suddenly find myself in the awkward situation of being able to sell my work faster than I can create it.  The two tabourets have sold, the child’s puzzle rocker sold, and the two Rhoorkee chairs have sold (more on that later).  Oh, and all the mice sold too.  So now, I am embarrassingly short of inventory, except for the privacy screen and Kris’ rocker which is a demonstrator, not for sale.  Yet, this doesn’t seem to dissuade my customers.

Given the rate at which items had left the shop, I therefore resolved to make multiples of everything until my inventory was back to a comfortable level.  Thus, I have made four new puzzle rockers.  They are waiting for some new child safe finishes to arrive, but today I sold one anyway.  I hope that I get to finish the remaining three before they sell.




2 thoughts on “Then there were three

  1. Huge congrats! You’ve managed to turn retirement into a successful second career in about a minute and a half. When the cover stories start appearing, I’ll be able to say I knew you back when you were a humble scientist and inventor..


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