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Hey Folks,

I was cleaning out a drawer in the shop today, trying to create some space for something, and came across this plan.  It’s copyrighted 1981, but I bought it in 1989 and built it less than a year later.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the completed project but imagine, if you can, a dark wine red horse with white markings and a braided polyester mane that resembles dread locks.  I called him Robbie the Red Rastafarian Rocking Horse, and he absolutely terrified my god-daughter when we put her on him.

The terror was short lived however, and eventually both she and her younger sister enjoyed climbing all over him like he was a jungle gym.  He has since been handed down to another family with budding equestrians, so I’ll file these away again, in case I get the chance to make another sometime in the future.


Ps.  I can’t claim any influence, but she’s now just finishing up her internship as a new equine veterinary, and I’m very proud of her.



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