Not so funny bunny

Although it’s not woodworking, this problem at the shop has me hopping mad.  Someone in the neighborhood decided that their Easter present had outgrown its welcome and dumped it off in my lot at the shop.  Since the rabbit is obviously a domestic pet, I first assumed that there was someone in the neighborhood who was missing him/her.  After canvassing the area with flyers for four days, I’m convinced that no one wants him/her.

Although the rabbit hasn’t harmed anyone, he/she has destroyed my garden, and has even damaged my apple trees.  So the “Black Bunny of the Apocalypse” has got to go.


I originally decided to take it to the city’s animal control shelter, but the barista across the street has found a family to adopt it.  So tomorrow, after a tempting meal of carrots, his next immediate home will be a large cardboard box. :-/


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