Finally, something new…

for the window.

It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally finished the makore stake legged table that I started about five months ago.  Or should I say refinished, given that I had to remove and reapply the finish before I could call it completed.


The next problem was,
How to position it in the window so as to show it off to its best advantage?  The oak table of the same design was best displayed upright, as the grain, although not unpleasant, was nonetheless, somewhat ordinary.  The grain of the makore table is however, extraordinary, and easily its best feature.  The height of the window above the street makes the top of an upright table invisible to nearly everyone.


So while the oak table was displayed upright, I tipped the makore table over to rest on its edge.  Hopefully, it still resembles a table, and will strike the fancy of a potential customer.



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