Christmas Reindeer

A number of years ago, I made reindeer ornaments as Christmas gifts.  I haven’t done so for awhile, a so I thought that it might be time to make a few this year.


The design for the ornament was taken from the web with the rather incomplete descriptor of “Wade’s reindeer”.  I have never found out who Wade is, but I would certainly like to give him credit for this popular design.


The reindeer are cut on the bandsaw, from scrap construction 2×4 that I have lying around.  They are then sanded, sanded again, finished with shellac sanding sealer, sanded and finished again.



A pair of googly eyes and a scarf of tartan ribbon complete the ensemble.


As the antlers are quite fragile, and they have a tendency to get tipped over, I am considering adding either a small base, or an eyelet for hanging them, or offering both.

These are strictly gifts, as I could never charge enough to cover the labor, a labor of love in so many ways.



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