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Hey Folks,

For Christmas presents this year, I made some stationery boxes.  You know, old fashioned, analog pen and paper communication devices.  Anyway, I couldn’t tell you much about them, at the time, because I wanted to preserve the surprise.  Now that it’s Boxing Day  (heh, heh), I can tell you about them.

I typically make these boxes out of whatever offcuts I have around the shop. But in the case of one of them I have been saving the wood for nine years.  Nine years ago, I built a small chest, out of Hawaiian Koa, for my god-daughter.  I’ve kept the offcuts hoping to come up with a good project for them, and decided this was the one.img_2179

The other box (top of the photo below) is for her sister, and is made of offcuts from the African Makore table that I posted about earlier this year.


Both boxes are simple mitered corner construction with runners for a small till for envelopes, etc.  The runners, and recessed top and bottom panels, reinforce the mitered corners, and a good hide glue holds it all together.  Finish is a wipe on polyurethane.

The boxes are made all of one piece, with a dado cut into the inside length of each side piece.  Once the box is assembled, I cut an intersecting dado along the outside of each side and a telescopic lid results.  A reserved key piece made prior to assembly allows for a precise location of the last cut.


As a gag, I included the following, Thank-you Note Template, in each box.  It’s totally unneeded in this case however, as both young ladies are conscientious writers.

Thank you template*
Dear (Recipient), (today’s date)
Thank you so much for the (gift), I absolutely love it. It is (insert gratuitous hyperbole, e.g., “the bomb”).
(Relate some recent interesting, humorous, and/or significant event in your life).
(Include a sincere wish for a get together at some future opportunity).
With love,
(Your name here)
(Include optional affections, e.g., 00XX, hugs and kisses, etc.)
*To be hand written


Although I enjoy making boxes, particularly as gifts, it’s time to get started on furniture again.



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