“Yule Logs”


Well, not exactly.  They aren’t Jül logs or Buche Nöel in the classic sense.  What they are is an homage to an award winning design, from the son of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and a beloved toy from many a childhood, …and I made them in time for Christmas.

The original patent for what would become Lincoln Logs™ was filed in 1920 after about four years of development.  They were originally made of redwood, at one time misguidedly made of (ugh) plastic, and eventually made of other North American softwoods.

These logs are made of lumber scraps leftover from the construction of the picnic shelter/pavilion at the shop, plus whatever other softwood scraps I had around.  Mostly, they are hemlock, but there is also some Douglas fir and some pine.  They required hours of work to break down and rough out to 3/4″ square, and then to round and notch all the pieces, so although there is no (wood) material cost, the labor can never be fully covered.  Ah well, that’s what seems to happen when I make Christmas stuff.

The colors are all certified kid safe and the pieces are all hand sanded to eliminate splinters.  They should also be compatible with original sets of logs, in case anyone has a set they’ve been saving.

By the way, if you should buy a set from me, and you do have an original set, I would appreciate hearing of how well my logs work with your originals.  In any case, consider giving a kid an analog gift this year, no batteries needed.




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