Bentwood Box Class

Hey folks,

For a weekend at least, I’m back to teaching Shaker bentwood box building; this time at the PNA (Phinney Neighborhood Association).  Although we only had two four hour sessions, both students were eventually able to make two boxes, sizes #3 & #4.


The first part of day one was spent learning how to use the combination disk and belt sander as a stroke sander for tapering the bands for the box and lid.  Next came cutting and beveling the “fingers” of the lap closure, clench nailing on the pipe anvil and, of course, bending the bands using boiling hot water.

The next day, after the bent bands had cooled and dried on the forms, the students learned the basics of bandsaw use and safety before cutting out the plug ends for the bottom of the box and top of the lid. After some final sanding to shape, the plugs were then fitted and pegged to the bands. A little finish sanding, and the the boxes were complete and ready for paint, or wax, or nothing as the builder preferred.


In all, it was good to get back to teaching.  I really enjoy sharing that sense of accomplishment that my students feel when they’ve mastered a new skill.  I hope to teach some more in the near future.


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