Wares on display

Hey Folks,

I was able to finish the display window today and put a Roorkhee chair in it.  The curtains went up yesterday, and the packing wrinkles are still shaking out.  They looked better today.

Outside, there is unfortunately a lot of reflection from ambient daylight.  I don’t really want to spend the money (or permit fees) for an awning right now, so maybe in the future.

At night however, it really shines.

I’m sure a few more props would make it look more inviting, but I’m not really sure what to do there.  Any suggestions are welcome.

For those of you not familiar with the Roorkhee chair, it’s a campaign style piece that was designed by some unknown person for the British Royal Engineers stationed at Roorkhee, India.  It’s been described as the best camp chair you never heard of.

In addition to being extremely comfortable for extended periods, it also has the ability to self-adjust to uneven ground.  The round mortise and tenon joints all rotate to accommodate any surface.  I typically demonstrate this by having a guest sit in the chair with a book under one chair leg.  Of course, as you would expect of a camp chair, it knocks down and fits in a bag.  With practice, it can be assembled in about eight minutes.

So think about your next outdoor concert, or anywhere else you could use a good outdoor chair, it’s what it was made for.



3 thoughts on “Wares on display

  1. It looks awesome! I’d put a tall vase with some long grasse/bamboo to the left of the chair. Glad you are having fun in retirement. X


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