Limbert Tabouret #238

A Who? What?

Charles Limbert was a prolific American designer of craftsman style furniture in the early 20th century, about 1906.  His designs were a departure from the heavier, rectilinear designs of his contemporaries such as Gustav Stickley; although like those of Stickley, most of his designs were made of quarter sawn white oak.

Wikipedia describes a tabouret as a small portable cabinet or stool.  I have never seen the word tabouret used to describe either a cabinet or a stool, but rather a small table, such as an end table.

This tabouret is made from a nice piece of quarter sawn white oak, which accounts for the beautiful ray flecks in the grain.  The finish is orange shellac, dark brown wax, and a couple topcoats of polyurethane, for extra protection.  The design is #238 from Limbert’s catalog.  I think that it originally sold for about $7.  The last original to have been recently sold at auction went for something like $1500.  This one is available for something in between.



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