Christmas …mice?

Hey Folks,

My shop has recently seen an infestation of wooden mice; entirely of my own doing.IMG_1496

Every year around this time, I try to come up with some small ornament sized, seasonal gift.  In the past years, it’s been miniature reindeer (with googly eyes), nutcracker soldiers, or snowmen.  This year, I was at something of a loss for an idea, when I stumbled across a Tim Yoder video on how to turn wooden mice.  So I figured why not?  The Mouse King was the major antagonist in The Nutcracker story, so why not make a few mice and have mass coronation of sorts?



Currently, the only  regal rodent is the one positioned on the lower shelf of the latest Limbert tabouret.  His crown is a beer bottle cap punched out with a 1/2″ conduit knockout punch, and then painted with metallic gold colored paint.  I know it’s hard to see, I’ll try to post a better picture in the near future.IMG_1492

And yes, as the card says, I am selling them for only $10 a piece.  Sorry though, no internet sales.  If you want one badly enough, you need to visit my shop and put $10 in my hand.




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