Audrey II (Limbert Tabouret)

Hey Folks, I was just watching Little Shop of Horrors tonight (so okay, I like musicals) :-?   …and was reminded of the Limbert Tabouret. You see, I put it in the window for just two days, when a couple came to the shop, rang the bell and said, “We couldn’t help noticing that strange and interesting table in your window, we love it and must have it.” Well, okay, so maybe not that exactly. What they did say, was that they were past the stage in their lives when they would normally be acquiring furniture, but they thought the table was so beautiful that they just had to have it. So, I guess that the window really works. :-D If you don’t get the Little Shop of Horrors reference, you owe it to yourself to see the movie, or better yet the live show. Suffice to say, eerily strange and wonderful things can happen when a, “strange and interesting”, item is put in your display window.
Cheers, Tom

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