Still Kickin’

Hey Folks,

Just in case any of you were starting to worry, yes I am still alive and kicking.  A nasty infection following elective ankle surgery, and a bout with the flu that every other person on the planet seems to have, set me back on my heels a bit.  But today the sun was out, and as I started peeling off layers of heavy wool clothing, I thought it might be nice to work outside.


So okay, it’s not fine woodworking, but it looks good from ten feet away.  :^)

I had originally thought that some 24″ x 24″ terra cotta flue tiles would make good bottomless planters at the base of the posts supporting the picnic shelter/pavilion.  But 24″ x 24″ flue tiles cost $176 a piece, and I had to go out of town to pick them up.  That wasn’t going to happen.  I’ll pay a lot for good lumber, but for clay flue tiles, nuh-uh.

Some treated 2x8s, 2x4s, and some rough sawn cedar for trim, and I had an outdoor project. I plan to make four of them, and plant some vines (clematis, honeysuckle, etc) to train up the posts.  I’ll post another photo when I have them all finished and another when things get planted.



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