Holy Holly Batman!

Hey Folks,

As Peggy Tzu and I walked to the shop this morning, we passed the grounds crew of the Woodland Park Zoo taking out an old, untended holly hedge.  I asked them what they were going to do with the wood, and they told me that they had been ordered to chip it, and bin it.  Holly is toxic to some of the zoo animals so they can’t use it in the exhibits, as they do with other downed timber.


After it was cut and chipped, they filled this dumpster, when that was full, they piled it up in the park.


While I understand that any plant in the wrong place is a weed, I was also heartbroken at the waste of what is an very expensive and relatively rare wood (~$35/bf).  Properly treated, holly has a beautiful white wood.  When turned thinly, it resembles fine porcelain.  I left a card and offered to consult on any further wood disposal, hopefully higher and better use will result.



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