The Doodad

Hey Folks,

I just completed a commission today to build an objet d’art / coat hook for a repeat customer.  A repeat customer is a wonderful compliment and engenders a great feeling of accomplishment.  After all, it means that someone still likes your work enough to order another round even after the initial shine has worn off.


The project today was a piece of functional art, which for some reason didn’t fit into my usual lexicon so I fell into calling it, the doodad.  The doodad is made of quarter sawn white oak, charred with a torch, then brushed with a corn straw broom.  I rubbed in some finely ground granular aluminum to highlight the raised grain.  The doodad then got a few coats of 2# cut blond shellac.


The toggling pieces that form the coat hooks pivot on 1/8″ brass rod, and the whole thing hangs on a french cleat.


I don’t often take commissions because I have so much of my own work to keep up with, but who can resist a request for a second helping?



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