An Exchange of Gifts

Hey Folks,

An unexpected gift from a dear friend is always a joy, even more so when the gift is thoughtfully considered.  Kris and I just returned from a vacation in England and I brought a gift for our friend who hosted us.  It was a stationery box, similar to the boxes that I made for my god-daughters for Christmas.  Although they were all made around the same time, I couldn’t show it to you because my friend Julie also follows the blog and I wanted the box to be a surprise.

FullSizeRender 36

Significant differences in this box from the previous ones are the copper foil veneer top, and the fact that the dimensions reflect European paper sizes.  The copper foil is stained with a verdigris etching, and is a sample piece offered by the company that produces large rolls for tables, bar tops, etc.  The box is African Sapele left over from the Roorkhee chairs.

To my surprise, I received a gift also, a copy of Spön, A guide to spoon carving and the new wood culture., by Barn the Spoon, one of England’s premier spoon carvers.  Spoon carving is, for me, the most recreational form of woodwork.  I use no plans or specifications other than my own vision of what is possible in the wood.  I use no machines or power tools, and the end result is a very personal effort.  I hope to get around to making more spoons in the future.







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