“Stick” it to The Man

Although in this case, “The Man” is me.

A few years back, I managed to tear the cartilage in my left knee, while at the same time dislocating my knee cap.  While I only suffered two of the three symptoms of a classic “blown knee”, surgery was required and long story short, my dancing days are over.

On days when it is difficult to walk, I’ve been using a drug store cane as a mobility aid.  As you might guess, the drug store cane is pretty ugly, so I decided to make myself something more suitable for a gentleman wood worker.


I selected a piece of straight grain bubinga that was left over from Kris’ rocking chair.  I trimmed it out with some silver rings, a piece of water buffalo horn, and a piece of the holly, for which I sacrificed the extensor tendon of my right thumb.  But that’s another story.


A few hours on the lathe, some trial and error to get the length correct, and the finished product is ready for an afternoon stroll.




5 thoughts on ““Stick” it to The Man

  1. Hey Mitch,
    The knob is definitely more comfortable on the hand than the crook, but the crook does free up your hands when you’re not leaning on it. I’m thinking about a nice plaited leather wrist strap to go with this one.


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