Dock Chairs, last of the season

Hey Folks,

Last summer, I finished four dock chairs too late in the season to sell them.  So they were stored away until summer rolled around this year, then they sold right away.  We’ve been traveling a lot this summer and once again, I’m only now getting around to finishing up another set.  These will likely be the last of the season as I have other projects waiting to get started that will take me into the autumn.

So, here we have Peggy Tzu and her friend, Pugsley modeling our latest dock chairs in Acapulco Blue, Fearless Red, and Sunshine Yellow.  In addition, I have one yellow and one red nearing completion.  After that, you’ll probably have to wait again until next year.  I say probably, because I have enough seat slats to make another chair, but no legs.  It turned out that I over estimated the yield I would get from the stock that I bought for the legs.  I was hoping to make six chairs and got five.  So if I end up with extra time later on, I might be induced to make a set of legs, but don’t count on it.fullsizeoutput_3e0



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