Slumps are like a soft bed,…

…easy to get into, but hard to get out of. -Johnny Bench

I sympathize with anyone in a slump as I’ve been in something of a slump myself for the past few months. I suppose that I could blame the global pandemic, or some recent failures at basket making, bread baking (yes, I too have made sourdough), or just about anything else. It doesn’t really matter why though, does it? When you’re off your game, you can either wallow in it, or you can put your head down and plow on.

Often, when I’m lacking motivation, I’ll tell myself that dredging up some sort of artificial enthusiasm will only produce mediocre results and prolonged misery. In truth, enthusiasm is a product of success, and in order to succeed you need to attempt, …something, anything. Sometimes, a fortuitous event will help to pull yourself up. In my case, it was an email from a potential customer. I recently got a request for some dock chairs, one of my more popular offerings that I am comfortably competent with, and which I enjoy making .

So, apathy conquered, I now need to take on inertia. Wish me luck.


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