Prepping for class

Hey Folks,

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been working on a commission, and I don’t comment on a client’s commission until it’s finished and they agree to the post.  The job’s done though, so now onto other things.

Working alone in the shop has its rewards and I do enjoy it, but I also enjoy interaction with other wood workers as well.  So toward that end, I have agreed to teach a series of courses at BARN (the Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network) on Bainbridge Island.  Bainbridge is just a half hour ferry trip from downtown Seattle, and BARN has a great creative facility.

The students will be making shaker bentwood boxes, and shaker styled tray sets.  I’m prepping all the stock for the boxes and trays, but the students will each make three of their own boxes and four of their own trays.  In the photos you can see the stock for both, ready for school plus two sets of trays ready for finishing.  The trays will be used for display at BARN and my own display window at the shop.



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