It’s always sumpthin’

It sometimes seems as though no matter what you’ve got planned, there’s an alternate reality looming ahead.  Take for instance prepping thin stock for the shaker style tray making class.  Just pull the drum sander out from the wall and get started then…  Aaurgh! the casters under the carriage collapse.

Okay, so the drum sander is insanely heavy, and the casters have always been inadequate and there is never a good time for a failure, but…  Aaurgh anyway!


So instead of the too small (3″), too weak original equipment, I went ahead and ordered a set of  heavy duty 4″ cast iron casters with premium urethane tires.  Only problem is that the mountings for the 3″ casters don’t allow the 4″ casters to caster, that is swivel a full 360º.  It’s always sumpthin’.


A few pieces of scrap plate steel, and some help from my friends at BARN (thanks Jamie), and a day’s work putting it all together and the drum sander is mobile again, only this time much more smoothly and easier to push around.


Now, what was I doing before I was interrupted?


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