I like making tools

For some reason, I like making tools.  They can be tools for my own use, or for someone else, it doesn’t matter as long as they are useful and made with enough craft to be admired, …at least a little.


One of the more useful tools in my shop is a small brass mallet which I purchased many years ago.  I like it because its heft and size allow me to apply considerable force with only finger tip control.  It is my go-to mallet for anything to do with chisels, short of a large mortising chisel.

So I contrived to replicate my old favorite, with perhaps a small evolution toward a more ergonomic handle.  The manufacture was simple enough, as brass is easily turned on a wood lathe with modern carbide tools.  A short piece of 3/8″ threaded “ready rod” holds the two parts together.  The handles are cherry, the heads are 1 5/8″ hardened naval brass.

Hopefully, they will be as useful as their inspiration has been.




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