A pair of Limbert Tabourets

Hey Folks,

Between the holidays, travel and teaching, I have finally found time to finish a pair of Limbert tabourets #238.  I usually make these in pairs because they are so popular and it takes about as much time and effort to make two as it does one.


In this case, I finished one with blond shellack and the other with garnet shellack.  The garnet shellack is perhaps more traditional and has a more orange color to it*.  Both pieces are buffed with dark wax and have two top coats of wipe on polyurethane for durability.

Both pieces have some beautiful ray fleck in their grain.  I should point out that the ray fleck is a product of the sawyer’s art and not mine.  However, I should also point out that finding the few pieces of beautiful ray flecked lumber in a full stack takes about an hour of unpacking, sorting and re stacking lots and lots of board feet of lumber.  It also takes a dedicated helper (thanks Kris) and an indulgent lumber purveyor (thanks Edensaw).

If either of these pieces interest you, stop by the shop or send me an email because they rarely stick around for long.


*Ps. The blue background unfortunately accentuates the orange color of the garnet shellack.  It is much less pronounced when viewed against a brown carpet.  Come to the shop and see for yourself.


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