Le Chaise Du Chien*

fullsizeoutput_654*The C(hair) of the dog.

Hey Folks,

Well, the set of dining chairs is nearly finished.  If their prototype was Le Chaise d’Enfer (The Chair from Hell), then this must surely be the cure.  As usual, my favorite chair model Peggy Tzu got the job.

I’ve made some significant improvements over Le Chaise d’Enfer; a more comfortable curve to the crest rail, tapered spindles for better aesthetics, and a better pitch angle to the seat for more comfort.

The chairs are made of black ash; the octagonal legs have conical tenons wedged into the seat pan for a very secure fit.  The color is black milk paint, and they are ready for their last coats of polyurethane.

I’ve been taking my time with this project largely because I’m unsure as to when I will be able to get lumber for my next one, whatever it might be.  I’m also torn between something modest or something ambitious.  For the time being, perhaps modesty should prevail.



3 thoughts on “Le Chaise Du Chien*

  1. Thanks Julie,
    They’re a modest design; built of light, sturdy stock that should last generations. Hopefully, someone will want to purchase a table to go with them. 🙂


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