Bon Voyage Mon Cher(Chair)

Sometimes you have to say goodbye. The staked leg dining chairs that I made in the image of the Chais d’Enfer have departed for points east. They are a wedding gift for my youngest nephew and his bride.

Not having ever shipped any of my furniture before, I was a bit apprehensive as to how I should prepare them. Should I do a full crate, a pallet, or a sheathed pallet? How do I best protect them from chafe?

I ended up building a pallet and creating some sockets padded with old wool socks (does that make them sock-ettes?) and fastening them to the pallet deck. I then padded the chairs with some old towels and bound them with plastic stretch wrap. The whole assembly was secured to the pallet with a ratchet strap, and finally covered with a moving blanket and wrapped completely in wider stretch wrap.

I was relieved to hear that they arrived across the country in good shape, so I can bid adieu to my four little creations.


PS. At the rehearsal dinner, my nephew was awed that I built the pallet (sigh). Sometimes creations are just their own reward.


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