Merry Christmas (finally)

Sometimes things just take longer than planned.

Case in point, Kris’ long awaited file cabinet which was promised for Christmas, …two years ago. I should correct myself, it’s not that it took two years to build, but that it took two years to get around to it.

Procrastination and performance anxiety (fear of failure) are powerful forces that most of us try to ignore, that is until they smack you upside the head. In my case, I generally dread designing anything. Too often, my method of design requires a lot of trial and error. Too much error, and I get discouraged and set things aside to further ruminate upon how to proceed. I also know that if I start a new project while setting aside a problem project, the problem will never be resolved. Therefore everything comes to a halt whilst denial and sulking take their toll on my productivity. Often during these periods of stagnation I turn to the kitchen to relieve my creative urges, that is until Kris has had enough of my messing about and gently encourages (relentlessly shames) me back to the shop.

The file cabinet started as a mock up, as do most of my projects, which revealed a number of design flaws and procedural errors. Thus followed a period of sulking and self doubt that resulted in a number of kitchen forays into the culinary unknown. Eventually, failure in the kitchen became more embarrassing than failure in the shop, so back the the shop I went.

The resulting file cabinet is a companion piece to the bookcase pictured above. Both pieces are frame and panel construction with cherry and douglas fir (the pulls are wenge). It’s hard to imagine, but the file cabinet will eventually darken with age to match the bookcase perfectly. The cherry will redden and the doug fir will change from pink, to a burnt orange color. The patination of this cherry/doug fir combination is one of its more satisfying attributes and makes it fun to work with.

Now I have to choose from the number of projects that I’ve put off for the past two years.



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