Not all perfect fits are perfect

So… the mock-up file cabinet, which I described in the last blog post, is now thankfully finished. As de rigueur for my mock-ups, it has become a legacy to the labor of learning. Or, as my former boss and charter skipper once termed,

“Just another FOG*”

As with all my mock-ups made of relatively inexpensive construction lumber, it is finished with Old Fashioned Milk Paint. Thank goodness for paint, it hides evidence of all the little FOGs that constitute a learning experience.

However, some evidence cannot be hidden, which bring us to the title of this post. When I was struggling with the design of the file cabinet, I patterned it after an older design from the antiquity of office furniture. My thinking was to get as close to first principles as possible and use a classic piece as a model. Hence, the width of my file drawers is a “perfect” fit to the width of a commonly use file folder.

Unfortunately today’s commonly used file folders now require a wire armature to hang from, something not seen in the office era of my model. In order to accommodate the wire armature, I will hereafter need to add an inch to the width of my file drawers in the final version of the file cabinet.
So [sigh] just another FOG.

*FOG – (expletive participial) Opportunity for Growth


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