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Hey Folks,

Last weekend saw me back in class, this time teaching how to build a modular worm bin.  The class was originally planned to be in the Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA) community wood shop.  But because of pandemic restrictions we decided to hold it on the stairway landing just outside the door.  The weather cooperated, so things went well.

(Yours truly in the grey fedora)

We had also planned for as many as eight students but were only able to sign up two for this class.  This actually worked to everyone’s advantage as:  1. We were still shaking out the bugs on our presentation.  2. The students, essentially beginners, were able to get more one on one instruction.

Both students took home a five frame worm bin with top.  All in all a complete success.  The students expressed genuine pride in their accomplishments and gained the skills and confidence needed to advance their woodworking experience.

I get a big charge out of being able to pass on what I know and helping to build our local woodworking community.  I’m looking forward to our next class.



One thought on “Class Photo

  1. This is awesome – Hope to join for the next one! I’ve been wanting to learn more about vermicomposting and wood working so this is a great combo!


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